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Krislur Castomech Pvt. Ltd. founded in 1980, It is one of the most promising and reputed industry in terms of quality of sand casting. The company has been certified by ISO 9001 : 2015. It mainly emphasis on the production of Motor body and its aligned parts, like End shields, Terminal Boxes and Bearing Covers with frame size of 71 to 310 and the Plant Capacity of 7500 MT (per annum).

A strong team of employees, which comprises of young and well qualified engineers each specialized in different areas has come a long way with personal attention to all customers at all stages, competitive price & reliable delivery dates are maintained by expanding jobs from drawing to production.

Krislur Castomech Pvt Ltd. always strives to attain excellence in foundry production techniques of high quality.



Human Capital:

Our employees are our assets. We believe in investing them, developing them and ultimately we generate capital in form of profit as well as valuable human assets.


Innovation & Flexibility:

We believe in pursuing new creative ideas and quickly adopting to new technologies and new processes. Our workforce quickly adopts changes.



None of us have jobs - we have responsibilities for which we are accountable in our individual actions and decisions every day.


Family Culture:

We are a family. Our employees are the family members.



We believe in free communication from lowest to highest level and from highest to lowest level.



We believe in encouraging a culture of honesty, trust and respect.



We believe in taking care of the company and customers as they are one’s own.


Fair Labor condition-Child Labor:

Compensate employees fairly and follow local wage regulation. We do not hire child labor in accordance to rules and regulation.



Quality policy:

We are at Krislur Castomech Pvt Ltd., are committed to our customers as reliable Business Partner b meeting their expectations and continually improve the established Quality Management System.


Health & Environment Policy

Comply and improve the requirements of human health, welfare, safety and environment.

Prevent pollution and injury, by waste minimization and safe practice through implementation of Waste Management Program.

Be responsible corporate citizen and comply with environmental legislation and regulations for clean, healthy and safe environment.


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